Well at long last I have put up my own website. Not that Lulu and Smashwords are not good places to publish, but I guess advertising is not their forte (nor do I suppose is it free).

So here are my two Mars books and a collection of short stories. And some photos of my Mars on Earth - Resolute Bay NU Canada

Among a number of life type issues I have been going through these past few years is what to write next.

Projects I am considering are:

TCOM 3 - the third and hopefully final installment. Who shall I model my book after? Sheckley or Asimov? Me?

Orion - about the ill-fated nuclear bomb-powered Mars mission from the mid-seventies? Started it in TCOM. Added a bit in TCOM2.

Earth Abides, but snow comes and gets you - a full length novel based on the premise of the short story avail here. But only an idiot (or a sadly desperate man) would try and walk out of Res. Still, apocalypse stories are so much fun to write. Just watch Deadpool 2.

Well, I am going up to Res in Feb for ten days and hope to come back with the answer. Res has always been a source of inspiration for me. Well see.

Well see.


24 Jan 2019 (do I actually have to put the date in or is it….