Progress is not just a spaceship

Well, I went to Res 11 Mar 2019 and after getting turned around due to an aircraft malfunction and having to return to Iqaluit, got in on the 12th.

Nice weather - just a mere -28C, mostly calm winds and no new snow while we were there. Iqaluit was a stunner - so little snow that you can’t really (easily) go out of town on a dogsled/snow-mobile. The roads are virtually snow free. The rolling hills are largely snow-free too. Of course all that can disappear overnight and March is not spring. We’ll see how it goes. Lot’s of time for things to ‘get normal’.

Unfortunately the lack of trauma in Res resulted in no progress re what to write next, other than to work on Earth Abides but Snow…such as to make another version in which the world has for all intents and purposes, ended. Staring at the ice of Lancaster Sound and pondering crossing it, in any season, is a bit of an eye opener. I did that and it’s daunting to someone who wants to stay realistic in the stories.

In winter, you’d better be fully supported. In summer, you better be prepared to live off the land, for months. Not sure I need to do either right now. Well see.



Well it begins


Well at long last I have put up my own website. Not that Lulu and Smashwords are not good places to publish, but I guess advertising is not their forte (nor do I suppose is it free).

So here are my two Mars books and a collection of short stories. And some photos of my Mars on Earth - Resolute Bay NU Canada

Among a number of life type issues I have been going through these past few years is what to write next.

Projects I am considering are:

TCOM 3 - the third and hopefully final installment. Who shall I model my book after? Sheckley or Asimov? Me?

Orion - about the ill-fated nuclear bomb-powered Mars mission from the mid-seventies? Started it in TCOM. Added a bit in TCOM2.

Earth Abides, but snow comes and gets you - a full length novel based on the premise of the short story avail here. But only an idiot (or a sadly desperate man) would try and walk out of Res. Still, apocalypse stories are so much fun to write. Just watch Deadpool 2.

Well, I am going up to Res in Feb for ten days and hope to come back with the answer. Res has always been a source of inspiration for me. Well see.

Well see.


24 Jan 2019 (do I actually have to put the date in or is it….