After discussing TCOM 1 and TCOM 2 with friends (usually older than 65) it has become apparent that I've been living in another universe from them. They either don't know the acronyms or can't imagine them. OMG!! So here are the abbreviations, acronyms and weird words from TCOM 1 and TCOM 2

Ack - Positive Acknowledgement. See NACK

AI - Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence

AKA - Also Known As

ASAP - As Soon as Possible

A-types - AIs, for general management duties, their technology is generally unsuitable for outside service

ATV - All-Terrain Vehicle

BOD - Beneficial Occupancy Date

BTW - By the Way

B-Types - AIs, their technology is specialised for exploration/general purpose Worker Bees

C7 - a military rifle (Canadian version of the US Army AR-15), probably taken from Orion

C&C - Command and Control

C&S - Command and Status

CAO - Chief Administrative Officer

CB - Chasma Borealis

CERN - Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire

CHM - Command and Habitation Module

CPU - Central Processing Unit

CRT - Cathode Ray Tube, of the technological level of the Orion mission

CSA - Canadian Space Agency

C-types - AIs, their technology is specialised for the construction of Habs, roads, look-off, Condos, Wal-marts, etc

CV - Curriculum Vitae

dBm - decibel-milliwatts

DO - Duty Officer

DOB - Date of Birth

Ds - Diagnostics

D-Types - small AIs with limited intellectual capabilities, their design and construction specialised for inside maintenance, unsuitable for outside service

Emonths - Earth Months, approx half as long as Mars months

EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse

EMF - Electromotive Force

Epub - Electronic Publication

ESA - European Space Agency

ESMS - Environment Status Monitoring Systems

E-types - AIs, their design and construction specialised for inside domestic duties/services, unsuitable for outside service

ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

Eyears - Earth Years, approx half as long as a year on Mars

FF - Fast Fusion

FO - Fibre Optic (communications)

fread - functionally read, like MRI, except one’s thoughts, mood and intentions can be discerned

FYI'nA - for your information and action and, when desired, ‘effing a-hole

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

GM - Genetically Modified

GP - General Purpose (Computer)

GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar

to grok (verb) - how Martians understood others, each other and things, as per Heinlein's' Stranger in a Strange Land

GUI - Graphical User Interface

Habs - Habitations suitable for humans to live in for extended periods of time

HSP - High Speed Port

HMI - Human Machine Interface

HUD - Heads-up Display

ID - Identity

IP - Internet Protocol

IR - Infrared

K - OK

LA - Los Angeles

LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging

LOS - Line of Sight, on Mars, typically less than 4 km to the horizon

LP - Local Port

LSU - Life Support Unit

MAPI - Major Aresologic (Martian) Point of Interest

Matrix - the Internet

MEC - Mass-Energy Converter

M-E-M Converter - Mass to Energy to Mass Converter

MGPS - Mars Global Positioning System

MHM - Main Habitation Module

Milliseconds - one millisecond (.001) is one thousandth of a second

MGS - Mars Global Surveyor

MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder aka Dissociative Identity Disorder

NACK - Negative Acknowledgement

NSV - New Silicon Valley

OMG - Oh My God, I think

OMFG IFRZN RFC here in FVB TTYL - really? Oh My 'effing God. I'm Frozen. Really 'effing Cold here in 'effing Vastitas Borealis. Talk To You Later

OPI - Office of Primary Interest

PDA - Personal Data Assistant

PO - Piss-off

PO'd - Pissed off

POB - Place of Birth

POF - Point of Fact

POV - Point of View

PTB - Powers That Be

R&F - Rich and Famous

RR&F - Really Rich and Famous

RRR&F - Really, Really, Rich and Famous

RadMon - Radiation Monitor

ROAK - Reservoir of All Knowledge (Wikipedia)

ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle

RV - rendezvous

SatCom - Satellite Communications

SBP - Standard Business Practice

SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Sievert - a unit of radiation

SF - Science Fiction

SOB - yep, you're right

Sol - Earth's Sun

TBD - To Be Determined

TCP - Tenocyclidine, or did I dream it?

TMSN - Type Model Serial Number

TOC - Table of Contents

UFO - Unidentified Flying Object

VHF, UHF, SHF, and EHF - Very High, Ultra High, Super High and Extremely High Frequency

UP - Utopia Planitia

UT - Universal Time aka Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

VB - Vastitas Borealis

Visi-Stim or VisiStim - a 'virtual reality' system for human entertainment

VSWR - Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

WTF - yes, that's it